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Enhance The Rustic Charm Of Slate & Terracotta Surfaces With Our Specialised Resealing Service At Floors 2 New

Our expert team is dedicated to revitalising these unique materials, bringing out their natural beauty and character. Using the latest techniques and high-quality products, we reveal the unique texture and colouring of slate and the warmth and lustre of terracotta. Trust us to breathe new life into your slate and terracotta floors, transforming them into timeless features that exude warmth and elegance.

The Benefits of Slate & Terracotta Floor Resealing

Stripping back and resealing your slate and terracotta flooring not only enhances their visual appeal but also preserves their longevity and durability. At Floors 2 New, we understand the unique charm and character that slate and terracotta bring to a space. Our specialised resealing service aims to accentuate these natural qualities, bringing out the rich colours and textures of these materials.

Beyond aesthetics, resealing helps to protect the surface, making it more resistant to stains, scratches, and general wear and tear. By investing in professional resealing, you are not just enhancing the beauty of your floors; you are also safeguarding them for years to come, ensuring that they remain a timeless and elegant feature of your home or business.

Step 1

Surface Preparation

We meticulously remove existing sealant, wax and dirt, from the terracotta or slate surface using specialised products and tools such as grinders and buffers. Upon completion of the stripping back, we can then examine the area to determine the extent of wear and damage.

Step 2

Refining Surface Imperfections

Using professional grade equipment, we carefully remove any scratches or imperfections present on the surface of the terracotta or slate. This process revives the condition of the surface and prepares it for the resealing treatment.

Step 3

Application of Protective Finish

After surface cleaning and preparation, we apply either a sealer or wax. The final product applied is dependent on your preference for a gloss, satin or matte appearance. This protective coating not only enhances the appearance of the terracotta or slate but also safeguards it against wear and tear over time.

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Answering your frequently asked questions

Our professional slate and terracotta floor polishing involves using specialized tools to restore the original shine, colour, and texture of a natural stone surface. The process includes grinding away any scratches or minor damage, applying a protective sealant, and buffing the surface with a special machine.

It depends on how much foot traffic your floor receives. Generally speaking, we recommend that you have your floors professionally polished every two to three years to maintain their lustre.

Yes! Regular sweeping with soft bristles will help remove dust from deep within the grout lines; vacuuming also helps pick up dirt particles which could scratch the stone if left unchecked. Additionally, periodic sealing treatments are highly recommended for added protection against staining agents like wine or coffee spills.

No. We only use the highest quality equipment and products so there will not be any risks associated with having your floors professionally polished.